saffron seeds

saffron seeds
hello I'm chelsea
sometimes I live in sweden
(mark the shark is from ikea)
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I don’t know about all you guys but I am hyper sensitive to body language and social cues and the smallest thing can set me off and my meetings with my thesis advisor always set me on edge but today was a good meeting with him and I hope you all are having a good day too!


Vintage Girl Scouts of America ‘Brownie’ pocket knife

love at the Soviet kitchen, 1980

I feel an insurmountable rage for a hell of a lot of things but I think mostly I just miss my dog.


Jethro Buck


—”Penny Wright” in Champion Comics #4 (1940), writer & artist uncredited


"Forslund’s boatyard" (59°19’32.3"N 18°0’38.6"E) in the middle of Stockholm. In the 1930ies Gideon Forslund built his very succesful runabouts "Ess-boats" here.

today I met with an advisor about something totally unrelated but he looked at my transcript and I guess he used to be on the admissions board for the law school and he told me that if I just put my head down and get the best grades possible this year that I would be a great candidate for any upper-tier grad school because I have a great “depth of focus” and volunteer hours and the study abroad and rugby and extra-curriculars so that was the first time I’ve felt good about myself in a long time so that was cool!!!!!

hiccups are nature’s way of marking you for death in the wild