saffron seeds

saffron seeds
hello I'm chelsea
sometimes I live in sweden
(mark the shark is from ikea)
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Today proves that I’ve completely forgotten how to talk to people and I wish I could curl up in my bed and sleep (for longer than 5 hours)



Cockatoo typology on linen. A Collection of Distinctive Hand-Block Printed Linens & Cretonnes. 1900.

Amazing & inspiring.


Sad Dale - art by Alex Raymond

thesis advisor meeting is tomorrow and if it doesn’t go well then my advisor will probably drop me and That Will Be the End of That so naturally I’m freaking out help



feeling like I’m so tired that I’m not really 100% present for conversations and because I’m not 100% present at any given moment I haven’t really though about what that means for me

Winter Palace (Зимний дворец) in St. Petersburg, Russia


Sharks are lil’ sweethearts. They’re my bros. 


Off-Topic: checanty, illustration Jackdaws, 2014. I love these clever and truly elegant birds in real life as well. Another one from my illustration students, congrats Jana, well done.