saffron seeds

saffron seeds
hello I'm chelsea
sometimes I live in sweden
(mark the shark is from ikea)
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yael naim // toxic (britney spears cover)

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boyfriend left for home today - will see him in just a couple of weeks but it was still really hard to keep on walkin after the bus turned the corner. life is hard, man


Can’t express enough how badly I want this.

Anonymous : Mark the Shark is a little star and everyone needs one in their life

dear anonymous - you rock!!!! you are a star yourself!!!!

Snälla bli min - Veronica Maggio

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Cursed Warship Revealed with Treasure Onboard
Archaeologists have discovered the Swedish warship Mars, which sank in a battle with German forces in 1564, on the Baltic Sea floor. According to this article, the Mars, from the first generation of three-masted warships, is even better preserved than the English Mary Rose, which sank about two decades earlier. Those who found the wreck plan to document it with precise 3D scans and photographs.