saffron seeds

saffron seeds
hello I'm chelsea
sometimes I live in sweden
(mark the shark is from ikea)
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Gustav Klimt, The Gorgons, detail from the Beethoven Frieze, 1902

  • Zeus: I think you owe me an Apollogy
  • Apollo: Dad, no

10 minutes | Chicago, ILPhoto by Javier Miranda

Meeting of the thesis writers is tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it! It’ll be nice to actually see that I’m not alone - plus a section of my chapter 3 is due on Wednesday, and my thesis advisor happily agreed to write me a letter of rec, and I start read-throughs for the Latin play this Friday!!!!


Afternoon cook out. Taken at Victoria Market, Melbourne, Australia.


'Visiting the Past' 2014

By Freddie Ardley Photography
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emilllllie : Oh nevermind I read your bio sorry im drunk

literally every damn time I get 2 messages at once it’s about the shark but this time I loved them thank you kind stranger